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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Shopping Mall Guy

One day I was cleaning up around the house and my phone rang.
"Yes, is this Ms. Joclyn DeVou?"
"Yes, Who am I speaking with?"
"Hey caller! What's going on?"
"Oh, well, yanno... I just wanted to call and talk to you."
"Really? What are you interested in?"
"Well, I don't have any particular interests, I just wanted to call you and tell you about my day at the mall today."
"Yes, I went to the mall with this really hot chick and she had me carrying all of her bags for her. As I was walking with her, I noticed a few other hot chicks as we were walking around the mall and it seems that hot chicks bring their really ugly friends to the mall with them. Do you know why they do that?"
"Well, perhaps, I don't think they ALL do it intentionally, but the ones that do, maybe they know that when there are guys at the mall they are sure to get attention oppose to the other chick."
"I think they do that too, Ms. Joclyn. I actually like watching it though, it kinda makes my dick rise a little seeing a hot chick with an ugly chick. And it seems that the ugly chick is always carrying the hot chick's bags. That is such a turn on, it's making me a little hard right now just thinking about you making one of your little duckling friends carry all of your bags around the shopping mall while you walk around hands free."
"Yes, you are like one of the hottest black chicks that I've ever talked to on the phone and I'd love to carry your bags around the shopping mall for you."
"Mmm, nice."

And this convo went on and on and on for about a good hour and a half more. It was very interesting because he didn't even cum or anything. He had just came home from work (so he said) and he just wanted to express his feeling to someone and that someone was me. Made me flatter talking to him because not only did he spend a good bit of time of the phone with me, but he was worshipping me and not one time did he ask me to get on cam, show a titty or talk freaky to him. I didn't even have to humiliate his "small white cock" or tell him to "take this black cunt" or even "get down on the ground and do such and such". It was an awesome conversation. He called me a few times telling me different stories about his shopping mall experiences, he even had a time where he went to the shopping mall by himself and carried NO BAGS and he seen the same thing over and over and over, I guess once you notice something once, who's to say you cannot not notice it again? Does that make you become a hobbyist of that particular stature? Hmmm...

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