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Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Pussyboy at His Best

I know you see me writing alot about My O, He is very loyal and obedient, however he lacks in a log of areas, like paying fees on time. Everyone that knows me, knows that I like fees to be paid in full and on time. Today, "O" didn't want to pay the proper servitude he is required to pay and he wanted to play cheapskate on me, so I just dismissed him. I don't want to be bothered with that.

However, one of my pussyboy servants, Richard, served me in full tonight. He called the correct line, he paid in-full and there were problems, he recited his requirements the way I commanded and everything was great. His barks could've been alot better, but he put alot of effort into it. When asked if he was trying to compete with "O", he admitted with pride. Although he hasn't called in two weeks, he definitely made it up by serving all the way, no questions asked which is more than I can say for "O" these days...

If there are anymore pussyboys out there that think they can be loyal and serve me the way I choose to be served and will please me with my desires... Click Here and let the servitude of a life time begin!

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