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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facebook Fagboy

Yesterday after I had received two "Lovely Day" calls, I gotten a call from a sissyboy who has been longing to serve me for a while now from Facebook. Of course, all of my links and things are there as well and I'm always keeping everyone updated with my new events and goings-ons. Well, he would annoy me so much in the past 2 1/2 weeks with this, Mistress-I-wanna-serve-you crap, that finally I told him yesturday that I no longer have time to waste with him and his pathetic cock just trying to get off and that if he wanted to serve, he would have to do it correctly. I guess out of the many times of me telling him this, he finally wisened up and made the correct decission. So, he called. He was calling from the UK, which is actually a turn on being that i fancy British men the most. Not only that, he was a cutey. He was very obeident and willing. Man, it just seems like after O's little tantrum, all the pussyboys are "flocking to me like a peice of bread". Goes to show you that there was a line and I plan on running right through them until I find the most loyal one.

So, when I asked him what he was wearing, before he got on cam, he told me nothing. I asked if he had panties and he confirmed, he said that he had black, but I don't like black panties on a sissy so he found another color. I wanted pink, so he did is damnedest to make sure I was happy and looked for them. I could hear him rummaging through his drawers and and breathing hard from trying to hurry up and serve me with , but obviously his girlfriend/wife doesn't have any. I'll have to make sure he gets a pair soon. He's on facebook pretty often, but now that we've exchanged MSN accounts, I'll just send him a message there as well.

At any rate, his selection was a pair of hot pink thongs that his big sissy balls were hanging out of. I actually find it kind of hot! Most of my pussy boys squeese their little pathetic little pussy balls in along with their clit-like cocks, but not this one.
Of course, he will be doing that on a later date. But it actually turned out to be very hot looking.
When commanded to bend over, his time ran out and he didn't bother to add any more. Of course, he tried to stay on cam and pull out his pussycock, but it didin't work because time is money and I had to be somewhere last night anyways. But, he'll learn. However, I did get this nice shot of him bending over before it all ended. He toots his ass up in the air so well. Wow!

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