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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Return of "O".

You guys already know that "O" left me and stopped serving a few days ago from my article, "Good-Bye O", well, I never got in total depth of how our conversation went, but today I will because like "O", I've been struggling with a decision myself. When he broke the news to me, I was actually in a great mood and happily ready for him to bark at my every command, but instead, I got a nasty surprise and it does like this...

Well, turns out that a couple of days or so after I wrote my article,"Good-Bye O", he decided to send me a message via Y! Messenger:

"Rethink things"?! Are you fucking serious??? So, basically, not only does he tell me that he's done with serving me, but he also critiques me and pats me on the head to tell me that I "did good" to then only say that he made a mistake and that he reconsiders? It took me some time to think about this, obviously, which is why I did not blog about this particular event. It really disappoints me that he would do such a thing. So when he came back to serving me, he called and basically I felt like he was full of shit. I mean, he must have some type of feelings for me to even come back, but to reconsider? Oh, that's going to take me some time to think about how I should treat his sissy ass.
Are there any slaves out there that would like to help me make my decision in exchange for free minute privileges?

If so... Call me Now.

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