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Friday, May 15, 2009

My First Buttplug Session

Of course, the title speaks for itself. I just got a call this morning @ 9:10pm from a very nice gentlemen that really enjoys my company in the early mornings before he starts his day. It took me a while to get use to his method of pleasure, but now, I'm ready. He was loving it when I was playing with my tits. He likes when I "pinch and pull", he always requests for me to do that. Then, after a few moments of that (which felt extremely delicious), I pulled out my pocket rocket and vibed for him a little bit. The pulsation just drove my pussy so crazy as well as him. Once I was finished with that and let him see me cum so sweet, he calls out, "Get that dildo baby and let me see you fuck that pussy!" so I did just that. I fucked that rubber cock until I came once more. He requested for me to go back to the vibrator and then the butt plug so I bent over and slowly inserted it into my sweet, tight ass. Man, it drove him CRAZY! He asked me why did I like getting fucked in the ass and if it went straight into my pussy when I put it in, I confirmed and continued slowly easing it in. Finally, while the butt plug was in, he asked that I turn around, sit down and put my dildo back into my pussy at the same time. Omg! It felt so good I was so speechless. I did that until it made him cum and when he came, he came so hard and so much he was loving every minute of it screaming, "Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!". I love to make a man cum like that! It's so hot!!!
I guess the reason I'm making a big deal about my first butt plug session is because, 1, I've never used a buttplug before. 2, I love breaking in my new toys. 3, When he called me before I didn't have it and I wanted to surprise him with a new toy and experience.
It all worked out and I'm so satisfied with my result... He left a great rating for me as well! :D

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