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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who The Hell Is This Calling Me At 3:36?!

Of course, it's another caller, yes, tonight I have my line on past 12am, something I'm doing lately. Guess I just realized that the freaky talk mainly goes on at late night At any rate, It was a guy that I haven't spoke to in a while but when we play, we play. I really wanted to butt plug for him, but I'm not quite so sure that my anus is ready for that sort of thing @ 3:36am. We talked all of 9-11 minutes or so. I mean, everytime he calls, I get my toys out and I'm ready to break out into a hot, sweaty and steamy orgasm with him. His cock is huge and very nice to look at and he just talks so kinky and freaky and he loves it when I tell him to cum on my face, I think that arouses him more. Well, wait, no. I think it's more of when I bent over and spread my ass so he could see my pussy while telling him that I wanted him to fuck this tight pussy open and claim it as his own. But I know the kicker was when I turned back around, sat down and stuck my tongue out while playing with my vibrator and telling him to shoot that hot jizz into my mouth while he was lusting over my tits because he came so much, it was unbelievably incredible!

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