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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Yea, You Playin' Games"

Why do I always get the slow ones and the rejects? It's almost as if guys don't want to enjoy themselves or they feel because they are "paying" a girl to see her tits and ass, he automatically has to assume that she has to stand for whatever he dishes out. Money has never made me do that, and why do I feel like I'm a fucking broken record. Alot of times, you guys make it so hard not to hang the fuck up on you.

Now, the whole point to this particular post is to expose (once again) a mistake of the client and his rude behavior. He needed to download Skype because Eyeball Chat is not working for me (I don't know why, but ever since they did their little bullshit upgrade, I'm unable to log in on my messenger, I just keep making accounts, but the shit still won't work) so he said he would call back when he has Skype down loaded. He called back and sent me a video call invite and while I accept and we're waiting, he says, "Yea, you playin games" and then hung up. So I typed him a message saying, "It is not my fault that Skype is taking a long time to start video, I'm over here waiting myself". I mean, let's be real here, it's not my problem or my fault, but I did accept the damn request... wtf?!

Do guys like this jus have no patience or anything or have they've been burnt so bad by other PSO's or in their lives where they have to like make accusations like that? And the sad part about it is, he and I have played before, so why would he have that attitude toward the situation?
Who knows, who gives a fuck. I'm tired of dealing with these jerk-off guys that get angry and frustrated because they want their dicks to nut off... like... wtf?!

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