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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Bye "O"!

Welp! Ladies and gentlemen, ladyboys and gentlegirls, I've just got a PM on Yahoo from My "O" that he is no longer serving me. When asked why, he stated that he lost interest in the whole idea of sending and sending and sending and never getting the satisfaction he was looking for. Me, personally, I think that if he would've just stopped bouncing around from black mistress to black mistress and stop pretending like he wanted to serve and just been like the rest of you guys and just did it the easy way and just got off like a normal man would, he wouldn't have this problem but, if that's his choice, I guess I can't keep him. I enjoyed the times that we shared together and I really enjoyed making him bark and wearing those rediculous little pairs of panties that he would wear for me on cam. Of course, he's not the first to do it... but he was the most faithful out of all the sissyboy slaves that I own. He barks the best, he takes commands like a really good bitch and if he was right here, he'd be sitting at my feet while I'm typing up this blog waiting to be petted like a good doggy boy.

The way he would be so anxious to flont his little sissyboy panties for me was just flattering. I really liked playing with him alot and to be quite honest, "O" actually helped me exercise my Mistressing skills even more. He's very obedient, he follows up with my articles, ads me on sites that I tell him to, tells his pathetic little friends about serving me, I mean, he's a really great sub and if there is a Mistress out there that can actually take care of this pathetic little white sissy bitch of a boy, then you're going to find that you have a nice panty boy on your hands. I mean, my other pantyboys have actually read my articles on "O" and actually try to compete when they call, but I don't give them the satisfaction of being as worthy as "O". Granted, "O" is an extremely pathetic pussyclit boy, but that's what makes him great, because he's good at it. He's so worth the dogging around. He actually requested to report to all of my Ebony Mistress Friends and serve them all. We had a small misunderstanding about that (not because of anything he or I did, but because of one of the lines), but he fixed the problem really quick and I like having a bitch boy like that around me. Someone to take care of the problem before I even have to rant and rave about it.

The thing that I like most about "O" besides his loyalty, feminity and constant obedience is the fact that his pussy of a cock looks so nice in those tight little thong panties that he wears. And in this particular pic, he's standing as if he doesn't know what to do with that pathetic little fat cock of his, it humors me so much! LOL! But I know that his stance is only because he's waiting on my next command. And so funny, he made my day everytime he would call me because I knew he was ready to serve without limits (sometimes, because sometimes he would be so damn cheap, but that's neither here nor there). And this is what gets me off about him. He with alot of other people really enjoyed my article, "My O's New Panties". I really enjoyed publishing that beacuse he made sure that I was the first to see them and that made me happy and actually, that day I was in some kind of a flustered mood because of some dick caller that was acting like a pussy and a dick all at the same time and then he called and let me know that he wore his panties while he was having dinner with his family and how he started wearing panties when he went out to think about me. I mean, it was hot shit and I really enjoyed it!

Another great time we had together was when he begged me to let him cum and I finally just allowed him access to cum and I was giving him the mistress tease of his life. Boy, and did he cum alot too. LOL! Just lusting over his Hot Ebony Goddess Love that little cock in those panties must've been throbbing for days and those balls were big and blue, I bet! LOL! It's a shame he has to go now especially since I've gotten my toys in the mail and everything.

We've already said our good-byes and I wish the best of luck to him and all that he does. He really did make the efforts to meet my needs as much as possible, I guess he just couldn't keep up financially. It gets like that sometimes. Being that it's like that, I don't have time to saulk and pout about "O", I need a NEW "O" and I'm searching deeply for it.

Nevertheless, I wish my "O" the best wishes in life! When he's ready to come back, he will always have a place to come to repent, pay and obey.

This time, my new "O" will be financially set and ready to pay all fees and dues on time as well as physically. He/she will not give me any excuses as to why he/she cannot do this or that. He/she will not hang up in the middle of a traning or lesson. He/she will obey. I don't need to repeat these things for you morons, The Requirements are written all over the page!
Let's get started and see what we come up with!

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