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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I know that it's going to be a lovely day because I got some really nice calls this morning.
First, "The Aggressive Masterbator" called me and just wanted to watch me and hear me get my pussy of. It felt so good! It took me a while to cum, but that's only because I spent like all night going back and forth jerking my pussy off, but it was just so nice to receive a phone call from someone that just wanted to see me get off and just pleasure myself without jerking his cock. It made me feel really nice!

While I was on the phone with him, I got a pm on Yahoo from one of my pussyboy slaves who wanted to serve me really bad today. He reported that he was wearing a nice black pair of panties and I had so much fun with him. I made him sing me songs, ("Quit lyin Guh, Quit tryin Guh" [a song I made], "I Have A Small Pussy Cock" and "Pat Your Weave Ladies" [a bar from Beyonce's "If You Like It Then You Should've Put A Ring On It"]), we partially played my favorite Number Game, I pop quizzed him upon "The Ms. Joclyn DeVou™ Experience (Phone Sex Blog)" to see how loyal he was and it turns out, he named a few articles and went into minor detail what he remembered about each and I'm seriously considering making him my next "O". "Huh?", you say? well, yea, as of today because he has entertained me and made my day even more brighter by showing his loyalty I'm considering making him my new "O". I mean, even though "O" calls himself "reconsidering" and "rethinking", I don't know if that's a good enough come back for me (Oops... i didn't blog about that yesturday, I'll do that over the weekend, today is too much of a lovely day to go into that bullshit.). So, I came up with an idea for My "Frenchy" to complete "The Beyonce Task". He would be so good at it! I'm giving him until Sunday Evening to report and serve. Speaking of report and serve, "Frenchy" recite his requirements so well!!! Man, he's one good bitch boy, I'll tell ya! And all this ontop of the beautiful weather outside, this lets me know that it's going to be A Lovely Day!

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

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