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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Morning Aggressive Masterbator!!!

He was so cool because he got the memo that I have just received my new toys in the mail and as soon as he got the chance, he had a rapid response. I get a lot of calls from guys that like to see me play, but they are not as persistent to see me play with my toys like this particular caller was. First of all, I was actually sleep when the phone rang. When I pick it up, I turned on the lights and introduced myself. I could tell this guy was country and aggressive by the way he was talking. Not only that, he was black, black guys are often tastelessly aggressive during sex (not all just some). What I liked a lot about him was the fact that he knew what he wanted and he went for it until we both came out of our minds. I mean, he really made me reach my orgasm so good that I reached like 4 times. It was just the way he was talking to me.
The most interesting part was when he says, "I heard you got new toys, what do you have?" I let him know, and he asked me to rub on my pussy first. I did. Then moments later into it, he told me to get a vibrator, i got it. Moments later into that, he told me to get my dildo and fuck my pussy, and I did. I pulled one of my tits and and he told me to pinch it, and so I did. And while I'm doing all of this at once, it was turning him on and working him up and up. It was very hot!

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