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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Fantasy Never To Be Fulfilled

Dude, are you serious? let me tell you something, time and time again, I have to keep going through this freebie bullshit with these guys, over and over and over. Why is it? You know, I honestly believe that he didn't want any freebies, he just wanted to be proven that the am was going to be good, but I don't think he was focusing his eyes in the cam because it's always bright over here and I'm always giving hot shows! WTF man!

At any rate, he did have a hot fantasy. Just too bad he was being bit of a moron and not playing it out with me. Oh, what's his fantasy, you say?

For me to be in the club, drunk, walk in the bathroom, he walks up behind me, follows me in the bathroom, rips my panties off and while I'm urinating, he is fucking me non-stop while I'm drunk bent over the toilet.

Say whatever you want, but I think that's a little on the creative side. As a matter of fact, might be a little too creative...

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