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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mommy Fetish

Ever look at your mother's breast and think , "Mmm, those look so good, but I can't touch."?
Sounds kind of twisted and dimented doesn't it? Yea, I know. But try telling that to a caller that wants to look at your tits and lust over them while confessing to you that they look at your breast they reminds you of Mommy's.
This is something like the Daddy-Daughter, only more arousing and overpowering to the trainee.
This is exactly what I long for in a call. Outlandish, yet exciting...Taboo. It's great! I know more of you out there think this way. Not because you actually think this way, but because you want a little kink and spice in your relationship with your co-masturbator or your companion. And as you know, there's almost nothing that I'll stop at to help you make your Experience the best one you've ever had. It turns me on and keeps me on the phone more and more when you come to me, feeling nothing but that ultimate trust to let yourself go and put everything you've got into the hands of a true Goddess like myself. If this is you, and I know it is... you might as well just pay your confessions now and receive the discipline of lusting so deeply and sinfully.

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