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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Favorite PSO's

With everything that we do, we all always tend to have favorites or whatever it is. I, myself, have a couple of favorite PSO's that I would like for you to try. Yes, I've spoke to them. Yes, we've had a great time. So, sit back and enjoy my personal selection. I assure you will not be disappointed.

Ebony Mistresses
Domina Max
This spicy Domina will make you feel worthless, yet useful all in one while you're serving her in all of her commands. You will never feel like you're wanted in your life again once you serve such a hot sexy ebony goddess like this one. Prepare yourself to do alot of crawling, kneeling and bowing at the stocking-covered feet by this hot ebony mistress!

This stuck-up, bitchy black princess is here for you to bow at her brand new Jimmy Choos and worship the ground that she walks on forever. You must be an obeidient slave and spoiler and willing to give her want she commands. No questions asked. Just do it, and you will still have to suffer the consequences. All financial pay piggies definetly welcome. Worthless slaves need not apply unless you're ready to pay her to suck cock to please her.

This one is my #1 favorite! She is a must-serve! If you do not serve her, then you really and truly are a pig of no purpose. This is one hot Ebony Goth Mistress and it would be nothing less than your pleasure serving her for she is the 100% real deal! Prove to me how worthless you are and serve her.

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