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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Servitude is Due!!!!

Welp, here we go again, tonight from 6pm-12am is Servitude night. Tonights task will be to purchase something from My Wishlist and then serve me with it. Let's see who will obey tonight...

My "O", of course, had to pay early servitude around 5:30 for he had to go to a dinner with family. During his servitude he had to check out The Ebony Kittens and Call Arcellis (whom was apparently not available, we have to talk about that) and then I made him call Naughty Lil Thang. We talked about my leather corset that came in the mail. We discussed "The Cellphone Servant" after I made him read it aloud and asked him his take on it. He said to me, "Ms. DeVou, it sounds like he really worships you." and I reply, "But not like you, "O". After this dicussion, we talked about how it would be nice for him to wear panties to work tomorrow. I told him to wear panties tomorrow, and he will. I also told him that I'd love to see him enter the men's room and as he walks up to the urinal there would be 2 guys on each side of him with regular men's underwear on and he'd be the only one reaching into his pink polka-dot panties to pull out his pathetic little white cock to relieve himself. LOL! It's still funny to me! And hot too...

Welp, The Cellphone Servant just called back! Man, is he loyal. I'm beginning to like him. He likes to talk about how he loves worshipping me. It's so hot. LOL. He asked me what were the things that I would do to him and this time I let him know that have him gathered around a bunch of big black nigger cocks 10''+ just waiting to ramsack that little tight white asshole he sits on while sitting at my throne, smoking a capri and laughing as he looks into my eyes for approval. You know what he told me? "I've always been dreaming of doing something like that for a woman like you". "Really?", I says. "Yes."
I made him bark a few times. God, his barks were extremely pathetic though, not like my "O" and the first caller in Bed-Time Servitude, but it was a bark. I can also excuse him alittle because he claims that he has a room-mate. I gave him the 20 minutes that he was lucky to have and then I hung up. Before I hung up he requested to ask me a question and so I confirmed. He asked me if he could demonstrate over the phone how he would suckle the big black cock. Once he did, I told him, "It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are? I have to watch the news and me talking to you about how you would suck black cocks would do nothing but distract me."

Well, looks like these are the most loyal out of em all. I've had a lot of fun with this today. I've goten alot of commands fulfilled today and I am pleased. 100% satisfied.

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  1. I have been following Ms Devou's instructions and have been wearing the pantys as instructed. I wore them out to dinner with my family, to work and around the house...ty Ms Devou..O..


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