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Monday, April 13, 2009

GayPride is Coming Up!!!!

That's right. Gay Pride is coming soon and there's going to be a lot of cool events going on for the preparation, during, after and all around. All around the world people celebrate this great event.
Every yeard (except for last year, shame on me), I make it my business to go and get an outfit made for this particular event and I flaunt my stuff all up and down New York City (mainly, The Village Area) with all the rest of the queens, dykes, fags, bulldaggers, trannies, transexuals, post-ops, pre-ops, lady boys and whatever else there is and I have a BLAST!!! It's the only event that I know you can basically walk down the street naked, smoke weed and drink all out in the open with 50 million cops around and noone doing shit about it! I love it, it's great!
So having said all of this, For the next few months, I will be looking forward to talking to alot of the ladies. I've got nice little cute cheap listings for the ladies to talk to me and see me on cam and we can have a ball doing this.

Special Announcement!!!
Ladies, I am looking for a nice hot sexy female partner to go to the parade and celebrate pride with this year. I will be sending out offers, discounts and raffling for the female winner to go along with me to celebrate pride the whole day and night. (To call, click the "Girls Only Line")
The lady that can be the freakiest on cam for me while I'm freaking her back, of course, will win a chance to take me out of a date to Celebrate gay pride!!!

The Winner
Of course, gets to spend the whole Gay Pride with me + 20 free minutes on the phone.
2nd Place
20 Free Minutes on the phone with me
3rd Place
2 Free pics + 2 Free Minutes

Good Luck Ladies and I look forward to seeing you there!

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