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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed-Time Servitude

Man, my yahoo list is full of more pussy boys than I thought!!!
All I had to do was announce that I want a pussyboy to serve me before I went to bed, and 5 of em served me up like that. It was so hot.
The first caller turned his cam on and had on his pussyboy nipple chain on(the one that attaches to both nipples, yea, that one) and would just say all of these great things about being my #1 servant and pussyboy and hear to serve me for whatever I desire. So funny, because he made me laugh when I told him to show me his little pathetic cock under his big nasty fat stomach and after he lifted up his stomach, it was this little pathetic piece of cock that I like to refer to as a clit. So funny, cause he knows his little pathetic little cock is a clit. My clit is bigger than his cock! And no, not because my clit is actually big (those of you who have seen my pussy know better than that), but because his cock is really like a little button! LOL! I gave him the finger and told him to go fuck himself, made him get down on all fours and bark for me as usual. I love to make my pussy boys bark, it shows exactly how loyal they are willing to be to serve me. It gets me off in many ways that one cannot understand.
I made him pull on his nipple chain til it hurt and I made him discipline himself for not serving me in a long time. Not only that, I made him pay his pussyboy fee and leave me a 5 star rating. He obeyed. I mean, he's almost just as pathetic as my "O" (although noone will be as pathetic as my "O"!).

The Second Caller just wants to play this straight sissy boy everytime he calls. He wants me to tell him how girls are stronger than boys in kick boxing and wrestling (as if I give a fuck) and look up at my pussy like a pathetic little cunt boy while I'm saying all of this. He's pretty boring, but for some reason, I enjoyed his servitude tonight because he's so full of shit with it. If you asked me, he was a waste of space and dead air. As a matter of fact, dead air is exactly what he was equivalent to, if not, deader (is that a word? in his case, yes!)! I guess what annoys me the most about this pussy boy is the fact that he's always telling me what to say, as if I don't remeber that he's the annoying guy that won't just let me humiliate his pathetic little dickless ass by telling him something as stupid as "Girls are stronger than boys" and "Girls beat boys in kick-boxing". Wtf kind of humiliation is that??? I mean, really. LOL! So, I laughed at him, gave him the finger ONCE because he wasn't as worthy of me lifting up my middle finger numerous times like I did the first caller. God, this pussy is boring... ugh!

The 3rd caller was a cum eater and we've already spoke about that before, He basically didn't do anyting spectacular because he wasn't like my original cum eater, so that was also boring. I just humiliated him and bitched him around alittle bit until he just came and cam on his chest because his cock is not long enough to reach and the fact that he's just not talented enough. But I won't knock him too much, because atleast he wants to serve me and make a cumeatting-slut fool out of himself for my pleasure.

The 4th caller was a panty boy. Also very boring.

The 5th wanted me to smoke. I actually enjoyed this alot (although I'm trying to because he was worshipping my role as an Ebony Mistress. He loved my stockings, my soiled panties, my smoke, my classy way of telling him that he was nothing more than a sissy white boy that should be ready to kneel at my feet whenever I give him the opportunity and everything was great. He actually made my hot cunt tingle a little bit.

The 6th caller was a spoiler and sent a nice tribute and we talked about how he feels that I should get whatever I want because I'm a beautiful black princess. I mean, he was a good litle pay piggy for me! I'm going to see how long I can keep him begging me for more because I need that type of enjoyment everynow and again (more like everyday, but yea... everynow and again...LOL).

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