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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Cheap Bastard Exposed.

See, this is where TS can be better than NF. With TS, the cam is provided only after the call is activated. On NF, you can charge for your messenger ID's and what not. It gives you a chance to make more earnings and entertain on a more personal level. They both have their brilliant differences.

However, NF Services have me frustrated tonight because of some cheap ass idiot jerk that decided to send me a pm on yahoo requesting to have a "consensual webcam show". Now, I am always as professional as possible and patient as I stated before, you guys know this. But I can not keep my cool, patience and my professionalism if a silly cheap bastard that KNOWS he met me on a PAY SITE thinks that I'm suppose to switch up my whole damn game totally and completely just so HE can jerk his cock off? Where are these values coming from? I just don't get it... and I just don't understand it. Is it not enough that my damn lines are cheap and I give quality shows... but now I have to basically do it for nothing?

Exibit A: The Dumb Ass Question.

Exibit B: Trying to turn a Phone H
oe into a Cam Slut.
I mean like, dude really used the word "consensual" as if he was responding to a fucking craigslist ad and was trying to get me to say the magic words to have the damn ATF bust down my god damn door. I mean, come on. Why even put youself through that. So I asked him, what makes guys like him do this? Not to mention... he only called me ONCE!... ONCE!!! ONCE!!! ONCE!!! And that was about 3 months ago!!! And somehow this is grounds for a damn free show ????????????????????????????????????????
Maybe I'm missing something, but I REFUSE to keep custom
ers off of giving away free minutes everytime they go on their little hissyfits or wanna be cheap. That's not how I do things. And this is how I will continue not to do things. If you're looking to change the bitch, find different bitch cause this one is never going to change. I'll be as nice as possible, but never will I change. And besides... it shouldn't never go this deep!!! It's simple... pay and you will get served!!!

Being that this problem seems to be esculating and I had to stop in the middle of this blog to take a call from ANOTHER GUY who didn't want to by the damn ID's... I will be exposing faces this time so the PSO's will kn
ow what he/they looks like so you know what to watch out for. Sorry I have to subject everyone to this, but think of how it makes me feel when I'm busting my ass to fulfill fantasies and in comes along repeated ASSHOLES like the ones I've encountered so far. Do I think he's learned his lesson after me telling him about it? Well... the fact of the matter is... He will now!

Really burns me up inside when I have to be like this toward adults that know better, but still try. This is not a day care, this is a phone sex line. I am not your wife, I can only ACT like her so that means that I really don't even have to cater to your personal malfunctions. Damn!

Well, I'm done with this issue, but I hope the REST OF YOU GUYS out there learn from this shit. It does not make sense to get it for free when you were paying in the first place. This is most likely why alot of these men end up calling me in the first place, because they don't know how to fucking communicate with themselves, let alone a damn woman!

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