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Friday, April 10, 2009

April Passion

It's the beginning of April and spring time is here. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there with a fantasy of some real genuine romance. Day to day I deal with callers from all over that just want to lust and bust, which is fine, but are there any guys/girls out there that long to look for someone that can really cater to their needs as far as companionship and romance? Hmm, I wonder...

But in the mean time, between time. Today is Friday and I am taking the day off to go out and see the world. The phone world has kind of got me a little overwhelmed with frustration. After having to expose a guy the other day for his silly antics and then more idiots coming right behind that, I have just come to the conclusion that I need a day off. However, I am available to take appointments for live meetings, you can always go to my site and learn more about how to meet up with me. If you are unable to meet up with me, don't want to talk or whatever your problem may be... you can always check out the other callers I have listed under the "Experience More" section of this blog. I need a breather and I will return fresh tomorrow.

Love & Peace
Ms. Joclyn DeVou

P.S. Some of you inquired about my Live Broadcast, while I'm gone, I will also be working on this... Everything is already taken care of, there's just one last step I have to take to make this officially happen, that way you can call, listen and join in the activities that I have in store. So please stay tuned to that. Ciao!

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