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Monday, April 27, 2009

Take My Number... I Wanna Get To Know You

This guy was so charming, yet so persistent, yet so full of shit. LOL. What does that mean? Well, I'll tell you what it means. It means that, he was very nice to talk to (something I really enjoy), but wanted to do this "mutual" thing. We all know how I get about this crap. He's looking for a "regular" and I'm looking to provide a service. Although we had a great 20minute conversation, the whole time, he was bascially telling me that
  1. He knew my type, I'm that type that don't like men, I only like women (boy was he wrong!).
  2. Usually people like me grow up in a very deprived situation (because that's how he grew up... wrong again!)
  3. That I was a hustler and I needed to come down to earth, take his phone number and basically forget about the fact that he's calling my hotline, we should just keep it friendly (or excuse me "regular".
All of these things would fine, well and dandy except for the fact that he's wrong on all counts and why even bother calling a line just to try and get something you know that you're not going to get.
Now don't get me wrong, the whole time he was a gentlemen, but at the same time, he was making rude remarks all in the same. Good thing I am who I am and know how to handle things like this in an appropriate manor (of course when it's not too out of control, then I'd have to break out the curses and screen, because this actually turned out to be an easy conversation for me and once again, I didn't have to take off one stitch of clothing.
Back to the situation at hand, these rude (actually insecure) remarks consist of
  1. "You don't like men, I know you're type, you like women"
  2. "Usually when you're a sex coneisuer that means you're deprived as a child and grew up in a disfunctional family."
  3. "I know you're just going through the motions, you can be yourself if you want." (Keep in mind, we were talking about the swine flu at this point in
I mean, maybe these things aren't too bad, and some will say that I'm taking it wrong (Please be sure to leave your comments @ the end!), bit I mean, there's a difference between wanting to get to know someone and talking to them like you already now them. I think he was just alittle insecure. He kept mentioning to me "I get pussy in person, it's nothing, but..." or, "I'm just bored, I want someone to talk to, don't get me wrong, I'm cute, I just want to talk to your fine self before I go to bed", or the one that I actually called him on..."I just want a regular someone I can talk to and get off with"... and as soon as I told him that he could always call me back and we could do whatever he liked, he says, "Yea, but I don't wanna do that with you."
I mean, c'mon dude, why else would you want me to talk to you then? LOL. When are these guys going to learn... the words, "mutual" and "friends" and all that aren't going to do anything but mess up the relationship you've accumulated with the provider you meet.
Alot of times men are worst than women when it comes to men only supposing to contact us "sex workers" for entertainment, then the next thing you know, they really try to impose on our lives. Please, don't get me wrong, I'm 100% flattered and I like to fulfill fantasies...but you're going to have to pay to keep that going, it's like an arcade. I'm sorry to put it that way, but, I think alot of guys out there call whether it's PSO's, escorts and what not and try to take it to this so-called "mutual" level and then don't understand when we look at them like they are It's still so funny to me.
I mean, I think the case with this guy is maybe about a smiget as bad as A.C.B.E. The only thing this guy has over that guy, is that fact that he was talking his bullshit over the phone, lol! But yea, like I said, this guy was charming, not charming enough to make me call his cell number, but charming enough for me to be able to handle his call in a down-to-earth, yet professional manor in which I like to do with everyone. Hopefull he calls back because I really did enjoy the experience and I know he enjoyed mine because he stated so. And let the calls keep coming in!
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